Gardeners Log


A cactus and gardening journal for the years 2002 through 2007.

2/15/2002: Lots of Mammillaria species in bloom: compressa, elongata 'Copper King', melanocentra ssp rubrograndis, wildii, bombycina, prolifera, 3 unknowns. Nice white blooms on Echinofossulocactus crispatus. Lost Mammillaria supertexta: think it touched side of greenhouse glazing and froze. Planted 43 species of seed acquired from Sunrise Nursery; Astrophytum species first to poke through.
2/18/2002: My dad and I continue to work on constructing our new 20 X 100 foot greenhouse (future museum site). Robert Collins is helping when available. Completed inside wood framing and some wood framing on end walls today.
3/4/2002: Heaters overloaded in greenhouse. Minimum damage to plants. Mammillaria species still blooming. Horse Cripler and Arizona Rainbow putting on buds. Tables, floors, and end-walls complete on large greenhouse. Purchased film covering.
3/18/2002: Weather outside is soggy; in the greenhouse plants are dry and blooming. Nine of 11 Mammillaria species are blooming. Buds forming well on Bishop Cap, Arizona Rainbow, Horse Crippler, and Brain Cactus. Water lines to new greenhouse installed. Electricity and gas lines in progress.
4/1/2002: Returned from Joshua Tree National Park, CA with approximately 25 different cactus species, mainly chollas and prickly pears. Fan installed in large greenhouse and tested. Purchased additional greenhouses from neighbor.
4/6/2002: Busy day dismantling a quonset-style greenhouse. Notocactus claviceps blooming with 8 huge blooms - a first. Horse Crippler has one open bloom. Arizona Rainbow appears to have 3 blooms. Blooming season better than others this year. Planted 3 different prickly pears and a couple of chollas in Beta plot.
4/20/2002: Finished tear-down and transport of four additional greenhouses. Gymnocalycium bruchii blooming nicely. Buds appearing on Notocactus leninghausii, Notocactus magnificus, and Notocactus vanvlietii. Arizona Rainbow has still not bloomed but has 3 buds this year. Marks cactus collection taken out of small greenhouse and planted outside in raised beds.
4/29/2002: Planted cacti outdoors in my Nashville garden.
5/11/2002: Planted 15 unique cacti obtained from Sunrise Nursery in Leander, TX. Plants arrived in very good condition. In collection, Claret Cup, Notocactus ottonis, Bishop's Cap, and Purple-fruited Prickly Pear blooming nicely. Others with many buds.
5/27/2002: Covered large greenhouse with poly-film and shade cloth. What a job! Notocacti in bloom (v. ottonis, magnificus, and vanvlietii). Large chin cactus is blooming white. Cane cholla also blooming purple; glad we didn't prune it!
6/15/2002: Received first order of 900+ nice 2 in. to 3 in. plants for sale. Truly a family affair to pot all these plants - Dad, Mom, Roy, Susan, Uncle Oren, Aunt Shirley and I all contributed. Everyone had a great time. Notocactus ottonis with two great looking blooms.
7/10/2002: This week was a vacation week for me. Worked with parents and Uncle Oren to sort out plant labels, clean and organize pots, and wire the lights and 120V outlets in the big greenhouse. Busy sorting through and identifying plants received last month.
8/24/2002: Weather very hot and humid. Summer in MS very damp; lost some plants to rot. Dad and I worked on an outdoor planting bed for our plants. Blooms: Hamatacactus hamatacanthus, Haworthia reinwartii, Mammillaria mystax. Unspotted Bishop's cap is sporting a sixth rib.
10/8/2002: Rains from hurricanes Isidore and Lili water-soaked plants. Dad and I cleaned out greenhouse and put the cactus stock inside. Nice blooms on Faucaria tigrina. Storing cactus seed - Notocactus, Hamatocactus, Mammillaria, Astrophytum.
10/21/2002: All cacti moved from outside to large greenhouse. Raining outside, but not inside. Stove pipe put on heater in preparation for Winter. Only blooms: M. parkinsonii and M. zeilmannianus. Nice fruit on M. bocasana.
10/28/2002: Electricity and gas turned on in the big greenhouse. Nice star-shaped blooms on Stapelia plant in Nashville.
11/9/2002: Heat and electricity functioning well in the big greenhouse. Dad and I moved Potting benches and display stands inside and filled soil bin. New poly covering put on original small greenhouse. Blooming: Faucaria tigrina, Notocactus ottonis, Borzicactus samaipatanus, Mammillaria parkinsonii.
12/25/2002: Blooms on Schlumbergera truncatus (Christmas Cactus), Mammillaria hahniana, Mammillaria parkinsonii. Built 6 staging tables, improved greenhouse drainage, and potted plants during weeks vacation. Remounted greenhouse heater for better ventilation.
2/3/2003: Planted 45 species of seed acquired from Mesa Gardens. Also, planted 3 seed flats of house stock. Mammillarias are starting to bloom; M. dealbata leading the way. Aloe vera is blooming: a red-colored stalk. Lost large M. parkinsonii, O. trolli, and M. mystax plants: cold too much water, I guess.
2/6/2003: Implemented online ordering on the site.
3/1/2003: Repaired garden path and relocated compost pile. Blooming: Aloe vera, Echeveria elegans, Lots of Mammillarias (elongata, bocasana, zeilmanniana, bocasana, rekoi, bombycina, wildii). Buds on Notocacti and Echinocereus viridiflorus v. davisii. Seed crop is up and relocated to greenhouse.
3/15/2003: Trip to Big Bend NP and Tucson, AZ. Took many photos of cacti growing in the wild. Visited cactus expert Miles Anderson (Miles2Go) in Tucson. Returned with 10 plants and seeds.
3/31/2003: Planted two additional flats of cactus seed purchased from Aztekakti during my trip out West. Big blooms on Notocactus buiningii, Notocactus uebelmannianus, Hatiora gaertneri, Echinomastus mcdowellii, and Echinofossulocactus crispatus. Many mammillarias in bloom: elongata, bocasana, bombycina, dealbata, prolifera, zeilmanniana, parkinsonii, wildii, compressa, magnimamma. Plant growth is nice.
4/22/2003: Separate, divide and repot: C. tetragonus monstrose, G. Bruchii and H. subfasciata. Built two desert terrariums. Blooms on: Notocacti (ottonis, rutilans, schlossery), Mammillaria (bocasana, zeilmanniana, wildii, magnimamma), Gymnocalycium baldianum.
5/28/2003: Put shade cloth on small greenhouse and transfered stock into it for the Summer. Planted 65 plants outside in raised cactus bed. Blooms: Escobaria tuberculosa, Opuntia spinosior, Notocactus ottonis, Mammillaria bocasana, Gymnocalycium saglionis. Cane cholla in second cactus bed fell over due to leaning; we were able to prop up as you would a small tree. Collected seed from Faucaria tigrina and Notocactus leninghausii. Transplanted small Astrophytum seedlings and Pereskia seedling.
6/15/2003: A few cacti outside are getting too much rain and humidity: Noticing rot on M. nivosa and E. texensis. B. samaipatanus and A. myriostigma are blooming. Took divisions of Lithops, Echeveria and Faucaria. Seedlings growing well. Pereskia looks like a typical medium tall foliage plant now.
6/24/2003: Work begins on second 20 X 100 foot greenhouse. William Aldridge helping dad with construction.
7/4/2003: Poles, purlins, and base boards installed on second large greenhouse. Blooming: Notocactus magnificus, Notocactus claviceps, Borzicactus samaipatanus, Gymnocalycium delaeti, Copoapia. Propagated succulents and transplanted cactus seedlings.
7/28/2003: Completed one end wall and part of second end wall on our second greenhouse. Robert Collins is helping. Potted up 150 seedling cacti that germinated this Spring. Pereskia outgrowing its pot; it will become a giant. Lost a good one - the Horse Crippler; I buried him out back. Thanks for the blooms! Not much blooming: A. myriostigma, O. spinisior, B. samaipatanus. Hot and dry.
9/1/2003: Weather hot and humid with intermittent downpours. Not much blooming: Copoapia yellow bloom, Borzicactus samaipatanus, and a few Mammillarias. Continued potting up cactus seedlings which are growing nicely. Family helped to tear down existing staging tables for rework and placement into second greenhouse.
9/22/2003: Continue to build staging tables for the second greenhouse. Planted approximately 300 cactus seedlings. Mammillaria bombycina died of rot. Blooming: Astrophytum myriostigma.
10/11/2003: Mom, Dad, Mary Spencer, Louise and I covered second greenhouse with polyfilm. Brought cacti from outdoor beds into greenhouse for the Winter. Blooming: Several Mamms (perbella, parkinsonii, nivosa, camptotricha) and Faucaria tigrina.
10/22/2003: Long-awaited trip to hike Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim. Two days hike down and two days hike back up. The place has its fair share of cacti: Prickly Pears, Grizzly Bears, Pancake Pears, Beavertails, Fishhooks, Many-Headed Barrels.
11/11/2003: Brought Nashville cacti into the greenhouse for the Winter. Helped dad re-install shade cloth on greenhouse 1. Greenhouse 2 is complete less the shade cloth. Dad, grandmother and I busy potting up perennials and dead-heading blooming plants. Blooming cacti: Mammillaria parkinsonii and M. hahniana. Continue to pot up cactus seedlings; only one tray left.
1/17/2004: Pereskia is losing its leaves. Transplanted seedlings. Blooming: Zygocactus truncatus, Aloe vera, M. hahniana, M. melanocentra, Echinomastus mcdowellii.
2/9/2004: Planted two flats of seeds obtained from Aztekakti. Blooming: Echinomastus mcdowellii, M. melanocentra, M. columbiana, M. elongata, A. vera. Buds are forming everywhere. Cleared out space in cold greenhouse for stock plants.
2/14/2004: Bought nice stock plants from Briers in East TN. Also brought back spider plants for the nursery.
3/16/2004: Received new stock from Florida Cactus. Blooming: Mammillaria elongata, Echinomastus mcdowellii (4 blooms this Winter), M. hahniana, M. bocasana (1 year old seedling!), M. columbiana, M. prolifera, Aloe vera. Buds appearing everywhere! Pereskia putting out new leaves. Dad, Grandmother, Louise and I busy potting and refreshing trees/shrubs for a new years worth of growth.
3/20/2004: Trip to Canyonlands, Arches, and Mesa Verde NPs in Utah. Got to see first Sclerocactus in habitat.
4/10/2004: Lots of Spring blooms: Notocactus (claviceps, uebelmannianus, buiningii), Gymnocalycium baldianum, Hatiora gaertneri, Mammillaria (bocasana, zeilmanniana, parkinsonii, prolifera, elongata), Haworthia species. Buds on many Gymnocalycium and Notocactus species. Separate, divide and repot succulents.
4/24/2004: Lots of blooms this week: Echinopsis (red and yellow types), Notocactus (ottonis, schlosseri, buiningii), Opuntia quitensis, Mammillaria (elongata, magnimamma, bocasana, zeilmanniana), Hatiora - Easter Cactus, Borzicactus samaipatanus. Buds on Astrophytum myriostigma, Notocactus rutilans, Echinocereus - Arizona Rainbow. Lots of propagating and repotting going on. Transfered stock plants from small greenhouse into large heated greenhouse.
5/7/2004: Blooms everywhere: Notocacti (all types), large Gymnocalycium varieties, Mammillarias. Repotted large column cacti and cleaned outside cactus garden. Had to bury large Cane Cholla; too topheavy.
5/15/2004: Repotting time for a lot of columnar cacti. Propagated Pereskia. New blooms from last week: Opuntia picardoi (red) and large Gymnocalycium (lt. pink).
7/4/2004: Hot and humid with lots of rain and clouds. A few plants rotting and putting on weak growth. Seed collection time for Spring bloomers. Blooming: G. bruchii and delaetti, H. hamatacanthus, M. (bocasana, zeilmannniana), C. peruvianus, Red Lobivia.
8/7/2004: Dug up plants from outside cactus bed and prepared the bed for Winter. The bed was real grassy and needed work. Temperatures surprisingly cool. Not many bloomers: a chin cactus and maybe a few Mammillarias. Continue to pot up 2004 seedlings.
10/2/2004: Not a lot of blooms this time. Stapelias are blooming and stinking up the place. A few regular Mammillaria species (bocasana, zeilmanniana, parkinsonii). Took cuttings and potted seedlings. Nice huge white blooms on Epiphylum hanging baskets; missed seeing it by a day.
11/15/2004: Busy replacing side wall supports on greenhouse #1. Blooms: more Epiphyllums, Mammillaria schiedeana {year old seedling}, parkinsonii, hahniana, Zygos are budding & blooming.
11/29/2004: Moved most cactus stock from the warm greenhouse to the cold greenhouse for Winter rest and for, hopefully, many early Spring blooms. Christmas cactus cuttings are blooming well. Mammillaria parkinsonii plants blooming - the yearly blooms mark late November/December better than a calendar.
1/15/2005: Seed planting, propagation time, and a time to transfer sprawling cactus types into hanging baskets. Weather cold. Not many blooms - some Mammillarias (hahniana, parkinsonii, elongata), a Christmas Cactus or two, and Aloe veras. Cacti resting.
2/7/2005: Transplanting a flat of seedlings and planted one flat of 48 species of cacti and succulents seeds. Buds forming on Mammillarias - not much else blooming except Christmas blooming plants (Zygocactus, kalanchoe blossfeldiana, Poinsettias).
3/5/2005: Mammillaria are beginning spring blooms (spinosissima, fragilis, elongata), buds showing up on Notocacti, rhipsalis has bloomed and Easter cactus has buds. Finally seeds from a plant grown from seed: Mammillaria bocasana (Nice! after 2 years of waiting). Received and processed nice plants from Florida Cactus.
5/7/2005: Lots of potting and repotting going on. Spring bloom is peaking; almost too many plants to mention. Heres some of the plants involved: Notocacti (all types), Mammillarias, Echinocereus (AZ rainbow) - I saw it this year, Astrophytum myriostigma, Hatiora (Easter Cactus), Echinopsis (red type), Lobivia, Borzicactus samaipatanus, Gymnocalycium bruchii and delaetti. Buds on N. schlosseri and werdermanniana. Seedling Notocacti, Astrophytums, and Hamatacactus have buds. Weather is great - clear and not too hot.
5/20/2005: Trip to Arizona. Visited cactus nursuries: Miles Anderson at Miles2Go, Bach's Greenhouses, Tanque Verde Greenhouse, B & B Cactus. Saguaros in full bloom. Visited Boyce Thompson State Park, Tucson Botanical Gardens, and Saguaro National Park.
5/27/2005: Busy potting up cacti and succulents obtained on my Arizona trip and pot-bound seedlings. Lots of blooms: Hamatocactus hamatacanthus stands out as do several Notocacti (vanvlietti, werdermanniana) and unidentified Mammillarias. May was a dry month; finally got a little rain this weekend.
12/25/2005: Weather unusually warm. Spent time between Christmas and New Years repotting seedlings and replacing labels on plants. Blooming: Christmas and Easter cacti, several Mammillarias (spinosissima, hahniana, fragilis), Tiger Jaws, Aloe Veras. Other Aloes and Haworthias blooming. Nice red buds on Notocactus haselbergii. Worked with Dad and Jim to redo bracing on outside tables.
1/14/2006: Late Winter bloomers: Notocactus haselbergii, Turbinicarpus laui, Mammillarias (hahniana, spinosissima, plumosa), Aloe veras. Buds on Ancistrocactus scheeri.
2/18/2006: Planted two flats of cactus seed. Had to plant seeds inside the house due to sleet and freezing rain outside. Cacti showing signs of coming out of dormancy. Buds on Ancistrocactus scheeri. Some small flowering Mammillaria species (hahniana, spinosissima, elongata, fragilis).
2/25/2006: Weather sunny but cool. Weeding, repotting a few cacti (Christmas and Easter cacti), and propagating succulents. Nice green-yellow bloom on Ancistrocactus scheeri. Mammillaria melanocentra also blooming.
3/27/2006: Trip to Tucson. Hiked in Sabino Canyon and up to Mt. Kimball. Toured the Desert Museum and visited Miles2Go nursery above Saguaro NP. Weather was great, cacti were not blooming, but a much needed getaway. Purchased some adeniums and other succulents from Miles2Go.
4/9/2006: Lots of blooming and budding. Highlight plants: Echinocereus triglochidatus, pentalophus; Notocactus buiningii, Lobivia arachnacantha, Cleistocactus strausii. Weather chilly but sunny. Potted up adeniums and other succulents.
8/12/2006: Summer really hot. Doesn't stop the weeds - weeding stock plants and hanging baskets. Firecracker cactus, White Echinopsis, Coryphantha sp., a few Mammillarias blooming. Ferocactus hamatacanthus plants have bloomed in outside bed all Summer. Harvested a few seed.
12/10/2006: Weather very cold down into the teens at night. Cuttings and re-potted seedlings from two weeks ago are doing well. Humidity in greenhouse is a concern, but, so far, it hasn't caused damage. Keeping seedlings out of dormancy as an experiment. Nice red buds on Notocactus haselbergii. Tiger Jaws have finished bloom and are setting seed.
3/3/2007: A few species of Mammillaria blooming (spinosissima, elongata Pink Nymph, magnimamma). Blooms on unknown yellow Parodia, Notocactus haselbergii, and Turbinicarpus laui. Weather nice. Repotted seedlings, propagated succulents, and visited with Don Klotwog, president of Memphis C&S Society.
10/13/2007: Potted up seedlings from early February 2007 seed planting.
10/27/2007: Weather turning cooler after a very hot and dry Summer. Fall bloomers have started: Ariocarpus agavoides, Mammillaria parkinsonii, Lithops species. Propagating Euphorbia species.


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