Photos of Cacti in the Wild
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[Prickly Pear/Saguaro]
1. Prickly Pear/Saguaro
[Desert Christmas Cactus]
2. Desert Christmas Cactus
[Desert Soil]
3. Desert Soil
[Cholla Species]
4. Cholla Species
[Saguaro Skeleton]
5. Saguaro Skeleton
[Teddy Bear Cholla]
6. Teddy Bear Cholla
[Three Saguaros]
7. Three Saguaros
[Tucson Mountains Sunset]
8. Tucson Mountains Sunset
[Stereotypical Saguaro]
9. Stereotypical Saguaro
[Staghorn Cholla]
10. Staghorn Cholla
[Chainfruit Cholla]
11. Chainfruit Cholla
[Fishhook Cactus]
12. Fishhook Cactus
[Hedgehog Cactus]
13. Hedgehog Cactus
[Hanging on a Ledge]
14. Hanging on a Ledge
[Closeup of a Saguaro]
15. Closeup of a Saguaro
[Fishhook Barrel]
16. Fishhook Barrel
[Sonoran Desert Trail]
17. Sonoran Desert Trail
[Monstrose Barrel Cactus]
18. Monstrose Barrel Cactus
[Chainfruit Cholla]
19. Chainfruit Cholla
[Desert Christmas Cactus]
20. Desert Christmas Cactus
[Forest Fire Damage]
21. Forest Fire Damage
[Claret Cup Cactus]
22. Claret Cup Cactus
[Beavertail Cactus]
23. Beavertail Cactus
[Debs Photos: Tree Cholla]
24. Debs Photos: Tree Cholla
[Debs Photos: Claret Cup]
25. Debs Photos: Claret Cup
[Debs Photos: Escobaria vivipara]
26. Debs Photos: Escobaria vivipara
[Organ Pipe Cactus]
27. Organ Pipe Cactus
[Aged Saguaro]
28. Aged Saguaro
[Growing on a Rock]
29. Growing on a Rock
[Silver Cholla]
30. Silver Cholla
[Silver Cholla]
31. Silver Cholla
[California Barrel]
32. California Barrel
33. Twins
[Beehive Cactus]
34. Beehive Cactus
[Grizzly Bear Prickly Pear]
35. Grizzly Bear Prickly Pear
[Claret Cup Cactus]
36. Claret Cup Cactus
[Teddy Bear Cholla]
37. Teddy Bear Cholla
[Strawberry Hedgehog]
38. Strawberry Hedgehog
[Eagle Claws Cactus]
39. Eagle Claws Cactus
[Warnock's Cactus]
40. Warnock's Cactus
[Mammillaria heyderi]
41. Mammillaria heyderi
[Blind Prickly Pear]
42. Blind Prickly Pear
[Long Mamma]
43. Long Mamma
[Texas Barrel Cactus]
44. Texas Barrel Cactus
[Brown-Flowering Hedgehog]
45. Brown-Flowering Hedgehog
[Arizona Fishhook Cactus]
46. Arizona Fishhook Cactus
[Saguaro Arm]
47. Saguaro Arm
48. Saguaro
[Barrel Cactus/AZ Fishhook]
49. Barrel Cactus/AZ Fishhook
[Pancake Prickly Pear]
50. Pancake Prickly Pear
[Many-Headed Barrel]
51. Many-Headed Barrel
[Hedgehog Cactus]
52. Hedgehog Cactus
[Arizona Fishhook]
53. Arizona Fishhook
[Arizona Fishhook]
54. Arizona Fishhook
[Prickly Pear Pad]
55. Prickly Pear Pad
[Many-Headed Barrel]
56. Many-Headed Barrel
[Many-Headed Barrel Spines]
57. Many-Headed Barrel Spines
[Plains Prickly Pear]
58. Plains Prickly Pear
[Small Many-Headed Barrel]
59. Small Many-Headed Barrel
[Pancake Prickly Pear]
60. Pancake Prickly Pear
[NM Hedgehog Cluster]
61. NM Hedgehog Cluster
[Devil Claw Cactus Exhibit]
62. Devil Claw Cactus Exhibit
[Canyonlands Prickly Pear]
63. Canyonlands Prickly Pear
[Engelmann Hedgehog]
64. Engelmann Hedgehog
[Devil Claw Cactus]
65. Devil Claw Cactus
[Canyonlands Fishhook]
66. Canyonlands Fishhook
[Bandelier Cholla]
67. Bandelier Cholla
[Tree Cholla]
68. Tree Cholla
[Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus]
69. Claret Cup Hedgehog Cactus
[Pincushion Cactus Cluster]
70. Pincushion Cactus Cluster
[Claret Cup on a Rock]
71. Claret Cup on a Rock
[Hedgehog in Bloom]
72. Hedgehog in Bloom
[Beehive Cactus]
73. Beehive Cactus
[Desert Christmas Cactus]
74. Desert Christmas Cactus
[Beavertail Prickly Pear]
75. Beavertail Prickly Pear
[Prickly Pear]
76. Prickly Pear
[Teddy Bear Cholla]
77. Teddy Bear Cholla
[Straw-Colored Hedgehog]
78. Straw-Colored Hedgehog


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