Echinocereus pectinatus v. rigidissimus

Scientific Name:  Echinocereus pectinatus v. rigidissimus
Common Name:  Arizona Rainbow Hedgehog
Other Names:   
Etymology:  Pectinatus: Latin: pecten (comb); -atus (in possession of)
Rigidissimus: From the Latin word rigidus, meaning stiff and adjective issimus, meaning to the greatest degree.
Echinocereus: Greek: echinos (hedgehog); Latin: cereus (wax taper or candle)
Origin:  Mexico
Light:  Full sun.
Soil:  Lean mix: 1 part potting soil to 2 parts coarse sand.
Water:  Typical: Drench soil and let dry from Spring through Fall. Water sparingly during Winter dormancy period.
Min Temperature:  50F.
Blooms:  Dark Pink with White
Comments:  Purchased Tanque Verde, Tucson, AZ. Plant has beautiful Pink to Purple flowers with white throats. Plant has two dormancy periods - hottest part of the summer and in winter.
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